CEO Greetings

Keep chasing toward our goals, understanding the importance of the public interest, pursuing the right values, and that company is we, Giantdrone Co., Ltd.

Under our slogan: “provide aids and convenience to our neighbors through drones.” Giantdrone and our employees recognize that our goal is understanding the public interest of our society, rather than pursuing our own interests only.

From the beginning of our aerial filming, we have grown into a comprehensive ‘drone service company’ by expanding our business areas to drone production, drone education, and drone sales. Giantdrone Co., Ltd highly appreciates to our customers -who have shown faith and trust to us and our products- and our members -who show their passion on their work and share the same goal- we could not make it this far without our customers and members.

As a ‘leading company in the drone service industry,’ we promise that our company provides ‘more safe and comfortable life through drones.’

CEO of the Giant Drone Co., Ltd, Yong Woo Lee