Waterproof Drone

Number of Motors8(4X2)
Wheelbase1,200 mm
Height830 mm
Flight Endurance15 ~ 20 minutes (battery based)
Operating Distance3 km
Weight17 kg
Pay Load5 kg
Maximum velocity60 km/h

Product Features

Able to equip various equipment for different tasks

  • Most of the drones have cameras and task-related equipment at the bottom of the body, but EOS-X8 allows you to equip cameras, LiDAR, hydrogen containers, and various mission equipment at the top of the body


  • Patent Application Number: 10-2017-0080588
  • Designed to let the user easily fold the drone arm with one hand
  • Easy to carry, can easily store in narrow spaces such as the car trunk

Motor Mount

  • Cables can be adjusted easily, able to install various motors
  • Designed for better cooling, easy to assemble the motor and the arms


  • Automatic folding design using an electric actuator during drone take-off/landing

100 million pixel camera

  • Aerial shooting can recognize vehicle numbers at an altitude of 150m
  • Suitable for inspecting various facilities such as transmission towers and bridges


IP Rating: 4* 3**. Designed to allow flexible responses to sudden changes in the environment such as rain showers

*First Digit: Dustproof rating that protects the frame from outdoor objects or dust
**Second Digit: Waterproof rating that protects from water ingress (rain, snow, storms, etc.)

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