Dec Selected as a K-Global 300 Company sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT

Hydrogen fuel cell working mock-up and material supplier (Korea Textile Development Institute)

Hydrogen fuel cell drone supplier (KIST)

Oct ETRI Technology Transfer (PX4 / NuttX-based RC input processing technology)
Sep Selected as Seoul City’s R&D support project for technology commercialization in the second half of 2017
Aug Selected as the company moved in the KEPCO IPLEX in the Bitgaram Creative Economy Innovation Center.
Jul Selected as the Technology Development and Commercialization Project as a part of the Drone Industry Development Project
Jun Selected as the drone safety activation supporting center sponsored by KIAST. (Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology)
May Selected as the Hydrogen-related industry activation and business support project (Korea Institution of Aviation Safety Technology Drone Safety & Activation Support Center)
Apr Sales to KIST
(Sales contract of fuel cell drones)Gyeonggi Branch Establishment
Mar Investment from Hyundai Venture Investment